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Two Couples

I fin­ished up two cou­ple paint­ings over the last few weeks. I am happy with how they turned out although the hair on both of them is a lit­tle darker than I had antic­i­pated. I pre­fer the softer col­ors so I will need to watch that in the future and re-mix the dark brown. It […]

Sketchbook 2

Last week I shared my final ladies with you and now I am ready to move on to mul­ti­ple per­sons in some work. For me, it is eas­ier to take things step-by-step when you are get­ting started or in my case, re-started. I started with easy fruit, then moved on to nude fig­ures, then clothed […]

The Final Ladies

I have always enjoyed paint­ing fig­ures above all else. The trick for me is to find a way to express the fig­ure with­out iden­tity. The last piece that I posted about (Clar­ity) was mov­ing in the right direc­tion, but I felt that it was still too iden­ti­fi­able. So I moved on to a more geo­met­ric face […]

Completed Work: Clarity

Warm-up’s are fun, but there is noth­ing like the feel­ing of com­plet­ing a full-size paint­ing. This piece is called Clar­ity and is size 18 x 24 on 1.5 deep boxed can­vas. I am lov­ing the soft­ness of the fea­tures and the pow­er­ful brush­strokes. I am usu­ally not great at shar­ing my progress as I rarely […]

Colorbox 1

Get­ting a lit­tle fruity with the color palette’s today! You will soon find that I love pears, they are one of my favorite fruits to eat and also to paint. I am sure that it has some­thing to do with the fact that they are super curvy, like fig­ures, which I love to paint.