Branding: The Branderie

The Branderie

I meant to get this posted last week, but never seemed to find the time. This is the brand­ing pack­age that I cre­ated for my new busi­ness, The Bran­derie, which I hope will be open­ing April 15TH! The main goal for this brand­ing pack­age was to con­vey clean and pro­fes­sional design.

The out­line sans-serif was cho­sen as the main type­face for its clean bold appear­ance and unique letter-form shapes. The sup­port­ing script type­face was added to give the main type­face a soft­ness and also a bit of flair. Script type­faces are beau­ti­ful when used cor­rectly. The key is care­ful place­ment and, in most cases, min­i­mal use. Scripts add a unique style, but can be very dis­tract­ing if they are over used.

The Branderie Branding Package

Pair­ing pat­terns & tex­tures with your brand­ing is an impor­tant part of pulling your brand together. These ele­ments will be essen­tial when cre­at­ing your sta­tionery, adver­tis­ing and other busi­ness forms. Hav­ing these extra ele­ments will allow you to build a cohe­sive style and there­fore a stronger brand.

I hope you enjoy the brand­ing pack­age. I will chat with you more about The Bran­derie as soon as I work out the final timetable on the grand opening!!!


Illustration Friday: Red

Red Riding Hood Detail

I was excited to have a bit of time over the week­end to work on the Illus­tra­tion Fri­day theme — Red. Nor­mally I try to think of some­thing clever for the theme, rather than focus­ing on the lit­eral mean­ing, but this week I went with a more obvi­ous choice. I had always wanted to do a few fairy­tale pieces so I just had to do Lit­tle Red Rid­ing hood!

Red Riding Hood Print

As usual, I couldn’t resist putting together a few pat­terns to go along with my illus­tra­tion. I find that offer­ing repeat pat­terns to go along with your work is a great ben­e­fit for clients as well.

Red Riding Hood Mock-Up Green

Red Riding Hood Patterns

Did you have another take on the IF theme for this week? or did you make time to work on some­thing else amaz­ing this week­end? I hope you had time to create!


Coming Soon!

Branderie Mood Board

Won­der­ing what I have been work­ing on? Well, I am just about ready to unveil! As you all know, my illus­tra­tion work is now with the amaz­ing Pink Light Stu­dio, which has been a huge bless­ing and I am so grate­ful to be there! My agent Mary Beth is awe­some! With that said, my work for Pink Light must stay behind closed doors so I haven’t had much work to share with you or to add to my online shops.

With that said, I wanted to start some­thing com­pletely new that I could share. I have always enjoyed brand­ing, but cus­tom brand­ing can be expensive. Over the years, I have met many small busi­ness own­ers who have strug­gled with their brand­ing, but cus­tom design just wasn’t in their bud­get. So, I thought I would offer an afford­able alter­na­tive instead!

I have decided to open a new shop called the Bran­derie, which will fea­ture pre-made brand­ing design that is both afford­able and ele­gant. The designs will be pre-made, but can be cus­tomized to reflect each indi­vid­ual busi­ness. The Bran­derie will offer pre-made logo’s and pre-made full brand­ing pack­ages that will include a logo, busi­ness cards, sta­tionery, coor­di­nat­ing social media art­work and Etsy shop design as well.

Branderie Mood Board

IMAGE CREDITS (FROM TOP LEFT TO BOTTOM): 1. Ker­ri­gan Fash­ion. 2. Lush Home, 3. FFFOund, 4. 4th Ave Gar­dens via Etsy, 5. The Pretty Blog, 6. Elle Moss via Etsy.

I am work­ing this project on the side while prepar­ing for Sur­tex (for Pink Light) so I am hop­ing to open for busi­ness some­time in April. For now, I thought I would share the mood board I put together to start off the brand­ing of my new shop. I will share the full brand­ing pack­age later this week. I hope you will check back!


Illustration Friday: Space

Space Close Up

It was nice to be able to take a day for myself this week to work on a piece for this week’s Illus­tra­tion Fri­day chal­lenge. The theme this week is SPACE and I imme­di­ately thought of chil­dren & explo­ration. There is so much temp­ta­tion for kids to plug in all day and play video games or watch TV. I wanted to cre­ate a piece that would inspire them to go out and explore the world around them.

Space Print

I tend to enjoy cre­at­ing match­ing pat­terns to go along with my illus­tra­tion so here are the pat­terns that I came up with for this theme.



Hope you enjoy the new work. I am going to try to par­tic­i­pate in the IF chal­lenge more often. Do chal­lenges like IF help you make time to draw and play? Do you enjoy work­ing toward a spe­cific theme or do you pre­fer to play as you go?



Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Main

Oh yes, the week for lovers has finally arrived. I wanted to shout a Happy Love Day to all of you love­birds out there! My hus­band and I have been mar­ried for 19 years this sum­mer and although we are super excited to cel­e­brate Valentine’s Day, we cel­e­brate in a less tra­di­tional way.

I am not much of a girly-girl and I know that they hike up the price of flow­ers to like 3x the price dur­ing Valentine’s week so I have out­lawed the pur­chase of flow­ers for V-day. I am also a bit on the plump side so I pre­fer not to get a box of candy that will go right to my hips.

Valentines Full

Instead, we choose a restau­rant that we have never been to and order any­thing we want. We do lunch instead of din­ner and cel­e­brate on a day other than the day OF Valentine’s Day.  It doesn’t feel very roman­tic to wait an hour for a table and then sit in a loud restau­rant, packed in like sar­dines, while feel­ing sorry for the waiter/waitress who is bom­barded with other guests. My hubby takes a day off that is near the actual day and we enjoy a beau­ti­ful, quiet, roman­tic lunch. On the ACTUAL day, we gen­er­ally stay in and let the other lover’s take over the town.

Valentines Close Up

Valentines Close Up

Hope you have a won­der­ful day filled with love and joy. Even if you are with­out a part­ner this Valentine’s Day, spend it with a friend or fam­ily. It is always a joy to be with any­one you love!

What do you do for Valentine’s Day? Do you enjoy get­ting flow­ers or candy? Do you go out to eat? Would love to hear what your idea of a roman­tic night would be!


Choose Happiness

Choose Happiness

When I decided to go to art school back in 2005, I had no idea where that deci­sion would lead. What I did know is that you only live once, and pass­ing up oppor­tu­ni­ties seemed silly when you think of life that way. It was clear that I wasn’t happy in my cor­po­rate job, so I fig­ured I owed it to myself to give it a chance.

Life is a series of choices and some deci­sions will seem more like an exchange. When I decided to work for myself, I knew that this road would not be paved with gold, it would instead be more relaxed and filled with happy time. Everyone has bills and every­one must eat, but beyond that we get a choice. I spend my days draw­ing instead of spend­ing. I share a car and a cell-phone with my hus­band to save on expenses. We are fru­gal, but we have so much fun!

Are you happy with what you do? Would you like to spend more time doing what you love?

5 Steps Toward Liv­ing a Passion-Full Life

1. Love Me Do

Think about what you loved as a child. If money were no object, what you would do? Do you enjoy art, cook­ing, writ­ing or help­ing oth­ers? What­ever your pas­sion, there is a way to make a liv­ing from that pas­sion. It might take a lit­tle more cre­ative think­ing to spin your pas­sion into some­thing lucra­tive, but it is worth the thought and con­sid­er­a­tion. If you are not sure what you actu­ally love, take time to try new things with­out big com­mit­ments and nar­row your list down.

2. Fam­ily Circle

There is no way that I could do what I do with­out the sup­port of my hus­band. He has been there for me every step of the way. If you are con­sid­er­ing a tran­si­tion, talk to your fam­ily. Hav­ing the sup­port of your fam­ily will be your biggest asset. If you let them know how impor­tant it is that you find your pas­sion, they will under­stand. It is essen­tial to have fam­ily in your cor­ner to help you with ideas and support.

Choose Happiness

3. Trimming the Greens

The best thing that my hus­band and I have done, to make things eas­ier, was cut­ting our monthly costs. Once I made the deci­sion to work from home, my hubby and I traded in our two cars for one and that saved us both a car pay­ment and monthly car insur­ance. We share a cell-phone now as well, before that we had THREE phones (2 cell & a home phone) — what? These sim­ple changes took a nice chunk out of our monthly expenses. We also dine at home at lot more and tend to put more thought into the mate­r­ial things that we pur­chase. Do we really need that?

4. Cut it in Half

If quit­ting your day job isn’t prac­ti­cal, then con­sider going part-time. Work­ing part-time is a great bal­ance of steady income, while free­ing up the rest of your time to focus on your pas­sion. You may need to find some­thing part-time else­where, if your cur­rent employer doesn’t offer part-time. If pos­si­ble, find some­thing part-time in the field that you are con­sid­er­ing. For exam­ple, if you want to do some­thing artis­tic, you could work part-time in a sup­port role at a design firm or a print­ing com­pany? That would be great indus­try expe­ri­ence and a pos­si­ble future foot in the door.

5. Just Do It!

Much like plan­ning to have a child, you are never going to feel ready enough to make such a big change. If you know what you want to do, you have your family’s sup­port and have a plan in mind — do it! There will never be a bet­ter day than today to start. It prob­a­bly won’t be easy at first, but in my expe­ri­ence, noth­ing worth hav­ing seems to be easy.

Set your sights high, the higher the bet­ter. Expect the most won­der­ful things to hap­pen, not in the future but right now. Real­ize that noth­ing is too good. Allow absolutely noth­ing to ham­per you or hold you up in any way. — Eileen Caddy

Today I am at home enjoy­ing a hot cup-of-joe and draw­ing. I feel very for­tu­nate for what I have and grate­ful to my hus­band and fam­ily for sup­port­ing me no mat­ter what. I hope that you are also work­ing on some­thing amaz­ing today and enjoy­ing this beau­ti­ful day.