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Brandi Powell is a freelance illustrator, fine artist & designer residing in the midwest. Brandi graduated from Granview College with a BA Degree in Graphic Design & Fine Art in 2008 and has been working freelance ever since.

After 10 years in the corporate world, I went back to school to become an artist. I am so grateful for that opportunity. My studies focused on graphic design and fine art, with most of my electives being in painting and life drawing.

Digital illustration has always been my favorite way to draw – go Adobe Illustrator or go home! My portfolio of work also includes pattern design, graphic design and fine art. When I am not hanging out with my husband, I am pretty much art, art and more art every other minute of the day!

xoxo – Brandi

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Things are happening behind the scenes that I am not able to share yet, but check back in 2024. I know, that is forever, but nothing worth waiting for comes quickly!

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