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Brandi is an artist & designer residing in the Midwest. Brandi earned a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Art from Grandview College in 2008 and has been working as a freelance artist ever since.

I work as a freelance designer. My focus is premade branding and marketing materials for professional photographers and other creatives. Magazine layouts and branding packages are my favorite to design, but I design smaller individual pieces such as business cards and/or business forms as well. I also offer premade Wedding & Event Stationery.

My current fine art medium is embroidery. Not your grandma's hand towel embroidery, modern embroidery featuring figures, patterns and florals. I love the contrast of embroidery outlines against satin stitching, which is a full coverage technique.

I consider my embroidery work a body of illustrative style portraits. I love portraits, because they capture a single moment in time. Life is made up of moments that combine to create an entire identity. Florals and other patterns are added to give further expression to the life of the figure or portrait study.

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Do you take commissions?

Thank you for thinking of me, but no, I do not take on commission work. If I am being honest, working from someone else's vision takes the connection & some of the joy out of the creative process for me. If I can't connect to the subject, then I am not able to create my best work.

Winterset, Iowa

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