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Brandi is an artist & designer residing in the Midwest. Brandi earned a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Art from Grandview College in 2008 and has been working as a freelance artist ever since.

I work as a freelance designer. My focus is premade branding and marketing materials for professional photographers and other creatives. Magazine layouts and branding packages are my favorite to design, but I design smaller individual pieces such as business cards and/or business forms as well. I also offer premade invitations, announcements & holiday cards.

My current fine art medium is ceramics. I am in the process of learning to hand build. My intention is to create figurative sculptures, large vases and some smaller functional ware. I am exploring several ceramic decorating techniques that will intimately allow me to add drawing & text to the clay.

I consider my body of work to be illustrative style portraits, as it has always been, regardless of medium. I love portraits, because they capture a single moment in time. Life is made up of moments that combine to create an entire identity.

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Do you take commissions?

Thank you for thinking of me, but no, I do not take on commission work. If I am being honest, working from someone else's vision takes the connection & some of the joy out of the creative process for me. If I can't connect to the subject, then I am not able to create my best work.

Urbandale, Iowa

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