Conceptual Series: Depression

I have been working on a conceptual series addressing an outsiders view of Depression (total of 5 pieces). Note, I am not depressed and I do not have a direct loved one who is depressed, but the next layer of my circle has lost two people to this very sad mental illness. The loss has been on my mind ...

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Hand Embroidery

Normally I work digitally and I love it for so many reasons: Ctrl+Z (right?) so easy to editNo storageInexpensiveNo messNo need for a lot of space But, at the end of the day, working digitally can not take the place of working traditionally. I love working with my hands and having a tangible ...

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Drawing figures is my favorite. I am sure people wonder why I am always drawing ladies...well, as a woman I feel like I connect with and understand women. I get us. We are all so different, yet very similar. I also enjoy how organic and shapely we are. Why silhouettes now? My previous body of ...

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