Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Main

Oh yes, the week for lovers has finally arrived. I wanted to shout a Happy Love Day to all of you love­birds out there! My hus­band and I have been mar­ried for 19 years this sum­mer and although we are super excited to cel­e­brate Valentine’s Day, we cel­e­brate in a less tra­di­tional way.

I am not much of a girly-girl and I know that they hike up the price of flow­ers to like 3x the price dur­ing Valentine’s week so I have out­lawed the pur­chase of flow­ers for V-day. I am also a bit on the plump side so I pre­fer not to get a box of candy that will go right to my hips.

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Out of Season


As an artist, you often find your­self work­ing out of sea­son. I was work­ing on my hol­i­day designs back in Octo­ber and believe it or not, I was actu­ally run­ning late! It is stan­dard for art & licens­ing buy­ers to look for designs months ahead of sched­ule, even a year if they are large com­pa­nies. It makes sense, as what­ever prod­uct they intend to use the art­work for, has to be designed and man­u­fac­tured before it can hit the shelves.

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Robots: Step 3 and 4


Last week I shared the first two steps in cre­at­ing my art­work with you, in the post, ROBOTS: STEP 1 and 2. Today I will share the next two steps in my process, where will finally move on to color! Work­ing in black and white for the ear­lier stages of cre­at­ing helps me focus on the design and val­ues, before I get dis­tracted by color. Con­tinue read­ing »

Progress Shots — Suburbia

WIP Suburbia

Today I am work­ing on a pat­tern set that I am enti­tling Sub­ur­bia. Focused on houses, win­dows, doors, cars, neigh­bor­hoods. I am work­ing on the houses today and thought I would share some progress shots again of how I work.  Hope you like see­ing these, my work is pretty bor­ing before it gets fin­ished up!

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Creating an Illustration


It seems like when­ever I talk with other artist’s, one of the first ques­tions they ask is “How do you work?”  Most of the artist’s that I know start out with sketches, but I have to be hon­est, I don’t do a lot of sketch­ing. Sketch­ing wasn’t a require­ment for our projects in art school, so I never got into the habit of cre­at­ing them.
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