Sometimes life just takes you in a different direction. If my life were charted out on a map, I would appear to be going in circles and yep, that seems to be simply who I am with art.

As I mentioned in my last post, being around painters left me longing to paint, but I simply put too much pressure on myself when painting figures, so non-objective is my new jam.

In an effort to make quick break and cause the least amount of confusion for my visitors at Mainframe, I have changed up my studio completely to reflect this new series of work that I call Freedom. Why Freedom? Because abstract allows me to let go off all restrictions and just play.

I have chosen to follow the road of fluid art for the time being. I love fluid art because there are things I can control – like the composition and colors and then some things that are simply outside of my control, which forces me to accept imperfections as they arise. My new work is not perfect, but it is the most fun that I have had in creating for a long time.

I hope you enjoy the work.

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