Let’s Burn

May 17, 2018

So have been exper­i­ment­ing with sev­er­al new medi­ums that might work for my super small stu­dio space. I focused on Embroi­dery for a while and real­ly enjoyed it, but the final prod­uct on fab­ric stretched in a hoop, sim­ply didn’t feel safe enough or long-term enough. When I cre­ate a fine art piece, it takes a lot of time and I want to cre­ate work that will be ever-last­ing. I feel like my buy­ers would want that and expect that as well.

When it came time to choose the next medi­um to explore, I remem­bered that I had a HUGE inven­to­ry of small wood pan­els left from my time as a painter. I loved work­ing on wood pan­els so much and I thought wouldn’t it be nice to use mate­ri­als I already have? Yes, please!

Then I remem­bered a friend of mine from years ago, Lau­ren Gray, chose Pyrog­ra­phy as her medi­um. I loved her work and while she was a very real­is­tic artist, I loved the idea of wood­burn­ing. Obvi­ous­ly, my draw­ing style is not real­is­tic, but I knew that I could find a way to adapt wood­burn­ing to my more graph­ic style. I LOVE how she incor­po­rates white paint into her work to real­ly set off the darks with­in the burn.

I would include a link to her website & shop, but she must be taking a break from fine art, as I could not find her current links.

So, I decid­ed to give wood­burn­ing a try and I real­ly enjoy it. I am also incor­po­rat­ing the whites into my work, but I am going with a more graph­ic almost block print­ing look for my draw­ings, so I have decid­ed to uti­lize the white with­in the back­ground and keep the fig­ures full wood­grain. I might use oth­er pas­tels like pink & seafoam instead of white to mix it up a bit, but I do like the mono­chro­mat­ic look of the wood/brown/white.

Here is a cou­ple of my first pieces. They are 6″ square pan­els fea­tur­ing faces as I thought prac­tic­ing the face was the most impor­tant. These are all 6″ crops of larg­er com­po­si­tions that I will com­plete lat­er as I want­ed to prac­tice and learn on small­er pieces first.

And here is the full draw­ing for the piece above:

And final­ly, here is the piece that I test­ed with paint. I have a white wash on LEFT and full-cov­er­age on the RIGHT. I feel like the full-cov­er­age offers the most con­trast so that is prob­a­bly what I will move for­ward with, but I want­ed to try the wash to see how it looked.

I also mucked up the hair a bit on the one above, but I learned from it and test­ed the paint on it, so I fig­ured that I would share it any­way.

I hope that you enjoy the pieces. I will share more about my process in upcom­ing posts. In the mean­time, I am going to keep prac­tic­ing and mov­ing on to a lit­tle bit big­ger of pieces. My paint­ings used to 20″ x 20″ and up. These pieces will be main­ly 12″ x 16″ up to 16″ x 20″ at the largest. Again, my new stu­dio is very small so I have to work small to allow for stor­age. Luck­i­ly, wood­burn­ing tools are super small and only using one col­or of paint allows to have only one tube and a tiny water cup. It works well on one long desk!

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