Illustration Friday: Identical


My sub­mit for this weeks Illus­tra­tion Fri­day theme — Iden­ti­cal. My hus­band came up with the idea this week for this theme. It is fun to bounce ideas off of one another and this week, his was the best. It’s funny because we used to gig­gle at the peo­ple who would dress up their dog but now we have Chloe and now I totally get it.

Hope you enjoy this week sub­mis­sion! Would love to hear you thoughts on the illus­tra­tion or other ideas you might have come up with for this weeks theme.

12 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Identical

    • Thank you Shree — I was totally going for funny along with the cute so I am glad you got that! It is enjoy­able to cre­ate with funny topics!

      xo — Brandi

    • Thank you so much for the kind com­ment! My draw­ing style has always been quite sim­ple so I spice it up a bit with details — like the stitch­ing. So glad you like the piece — this one was so fun!

      xo — Brandi

  1. Omigosh! That is sooooo cute! While I don’t cur­rently dress up like my Char­lie, I could most def­i­nitely see the attrac­tion ;-)

    I absolutely love the per­spec­tive and the soft­ness of the build­ings in the back­ground — along with the very chic & “in” argyle pattern.


    Keep it up, Brandi — you’re awe­some ;-)

    • Hi Geri! Thank you so much for your sweet com­ment — I loved draw­ing this one. That dog just cracks me up every time! Hope all is going great with you. I have been draw­ing and draw­ing and more draw­ing — yeah!

      xo — Brandi

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