Illustration Friday: Burst

Illustration Friday - Burst

This is the first in a series of fun fruit char­ac­ters that I am work­ing on. This is Petey the Peach and he worked out for this weeks Illus­tra­tion Fri­day theme of Burst. Don’t go burst­ing Petey’s bub­bles because he is hav­ing a peachy day!

Petey is also avail­able as a wall art print fea­tur­ing the happy say­ing “Today is Going to be Peachy!” Get your Petey the Peach print here!

What do you think of this weeks theme? I noted some amaz­ingly clever sub­mis­sions this week!

6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Burst

    • Thank you so much — I am really enjoy­ing using tex­ture in my work. My draw­ings are sim­ple but graphic and the tex­ture seems to give them an extra punch!

      xo — Brandi

  1. Thank you Rita! I have been try­ing to chal­lenge myself to be cre­ative with my char­ac­ters as far as — not every char­ac­ter has to be human or ani­mal! It is funny how they come to life.

    xo — Brandi

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