So, this is my most recent piece of hand embroidery and I am confident that this is the style of embroidery I will be moving forward with. I love full color and I love the satin stitch, so this should work out very well for me. I am super glad that I kept moving forward and trying new embroidery techniques until I found the perfect technique for me.

Below is my progressional journey to full color, which took some time, but it is worth it to keep going until you find the right fit.

Size has also changed. The first piece is a 6inch hoop (left), the second piece is a 10inch hoop (right) and my newest piece is in a 16inch x 20inch frame and the size of the actual artwork is 9.5inch x 12.5inch. I am currently working on a 18x24inch frame and hopefully will move up to a 24x36inch frame from there.

My studio space has some seriously large walls that I need to fill and honestly, large pieces hold a lot of power within their size. I learned that in art school and it does hold true. Although, big work brings people into your studio, but in my experience, they purchase smaller pieces. With that said, it is best to offer a variety!

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