Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can I offer semi-custom embroidery work. This means that you choose the size and/or color palette and I do the rest. Sorry, but due to my schedule I am not able to offer custom illustration or design at this time.

My online shop is set up via as they take care of the vast majority of sales tax for various states, which makes like easier for me. My shop name is Powpourri – SHOP HERE. This shop includes digital prints, handmade products and small original pieces under 12 inches.

Unfortunately, due to the cost of shipping and the delicate nature of framed artwork, I am not able to sell/ship artwork via only purchase. You can see and purchase my larger works via my studio at Mainframe Arts or at any festival that I might attend. See my events schedule for options.

My studio is located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa at Mainframe Studios. My studio hours are by appointment, but I am always there on the first Friday of each month for Mainframe Open Studios, from 5pm-8pm.

Sorry, but right now I am focusing on building my inventory of artwork so that I can apply to galleries and art festivals. I may teach classes in the future, keep your eye on my blog for updates!

Yes, all of my artwork is created from my own drawings. I do not use patterns, ect. I do utilize reference poses when drawing figures as I like to have a reference for proportion, foreshortening and for hands/feet.

I prefer to work from photos. I generally schedule a photoshoot with a local model and take a ton of shots in various poses OR I work with photographers and purchase rights to utilize their reference images. I do recommend live models for those just starting out with life drawing. The camera does some shifting and distorting that beginners may not realize that they need to correct during the drawing process. I have been life drawing for 13 years, so I feel comfortable identifying those issues.

Drawing, especially drawing figures takes years to master. Figure drawing is not a class that I could teach in a day and there isn’t a “few simple pointers” to offer. I would suggest an intro to drawing class even online and THEN move on to a LIVE life drawing class in your local area.

Summary of Offering

– Digital Illustration
– Hand Embroidery
– Handmade Products
– Fluid Painting
– Graphic Design
– Guest Speaking
– Semi-custom Artwork

+ more in the future!

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