Conceptual Series: Depression

I have been working on a conceptual series addressing an outsiders view of Depression (total of 5 pieces). Note, I am not depressed and I do not have a direct loved one who is depressed, but the next layer of my circle has lost two people to this very sad mental illness. The loss has been on my mind a lot lately, so as an artist, I created these pieces to get those feelings out.

The largest piece featuring three figures is the focal piece of the series. From my point of view I witnessed the demeanor of the first figure and very briefly the feelings portrayed in the second figure, but apparently behind closed doors these poor souls were feeling the sorrow of the third figure and I had no idea. The main piece is entitled Camouflage Smile (VERY TOP).

The piece with two figures in entitled Human Shield (MIDDLE IMAGE) – meaning, please let me be yours. The third smaller piece is entitled Disengaged (BELOW).

I will post the other two pieces as I finish them. I hope you enjoy the work.

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    1. Thank you so much for responding Tina. You are exactly right and I am not sure if I would have known that I could have helped. The people that I knew had wonderful friends and family surrounding them. As an outsider, I feel very helpless with this one.

      xoxo – Brandi