2020 Wrap Up

Well, this looks like a bit of a mess and honestly like an artist without direction, BUT that is what learning and searching for a unique style looks like.

If you look at an artists work and can immediately recognize their personal style, they likely have an equal amount of work that has been building up to their current style. In most cases your style will develop from experimentation. Some artists are super lucky to find it right out of the gate, but in most cases your style will develop from trial and error.

I took the year 2020 to experiment for sure and figure out what makes makes me happy to create. I posted my first embroidery piece on the 3rd of May 2020 (below).

This is my year of experimentation in 9 squares (top image). I have decided that I enjoy working in both style #8-textured and #9-heavy drawing, so I will be moving forward into 2021 focused on both.

I have actually just discovered that I love drawing in a surrealist style, so my #9 heavy drawings will move forward in that style. My #8 texture work will continue with the same deconstructed body style as I have built up to this year.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my progress throughout 2020 and that you will stick with me as I develop my style in 2021!

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