Is all of your artwork original?
Yes, all of my artwork is created from my original drawings. Including university, I have been drawing from for 15 years. My main focus has always been the female figure.

Do you draw from your imagination?
No, I do not draw my figures from imagination. I dont generally draw anything that is based on reality from my imagination. I prefer to have a reference model for my work, so that I can refer back to the proportions and/or foreshortening at anytime.

Do you work from live models then?
Yes and no. I do hire live models for photo sessions. During the session I will shoot a variety of poses that I then keep for future reference. I also work with professional photographers who photograph live models and allow me to purchase rights to utilize those images for pose reference. Finally, if I need something that I am not able to find, I have also sourced and purchased rights to utilize stock imagery if needed.

What materials do you draw with?
All of my drawings are created within Adobe Illustrator. Drawing digitally allows me to manipulate my drawings into compositions and/or to fit correctly onto an exact size of canvas or hoop. AND honestly, I really do not like having graphite on my hands and eraser shed all over my work space.

Can I use one of your drawings or refer to your artwork to create my own artwork?
Sorry, but no.

Do you teach drawing or offer drawing tutorials?
Sorry, but no. Drawing is not something you can learn in a day class and if I do offer classes in the future, they will likely be single day or afternoon classes.

How can I get started with drawing figures?
I studied life drawing at university. I took 1 year of Drawing Principles and 2 years of Life Drawing. If you are attending university, I suggest taking as many drawing classes as possible. If you are not, then I would suggest starting with a Drawing Principles class at your local art center or community college. Having a professional instructor is priceless. If you are not able to do any of those, then you could likely find drawing classes offered online via youtube or skillshare. Sorry, but I do not offer drawing classes, so I am unable to offer assistance beyond this information.

When did you get started in fiber arts?
My fiber arts journey started with embroidery in April 2020 as the Corona lockdown began. I had not been creating traditional work for some time and made the decision that during lockdown, I would change that.

What made you decide on fiber arts?
I was a painter for years, but my carpet paid the price. My new home has white carpet and I did not want it to fall victim to what can only be described as a clown assignation, like the room of my last studio. SO, I started searching for CLEAN mediums that met the following needs:
Clean, quick clean up, can do it on the go, recyclable, works in a small space, versatile.

Fiber arts met all of my requirements, so I started with traditional embroidery and then noticed the weavers using texture, I wanted that, so I stared using yarn in my embroidery. Then I wanted art yarn, but none was available, so I learned to spin. Then my arm hurt from pulling heavy yarn through the tight weave of fabric, so I noticed punch needle and the rest is history.

What materials do you use in your fiber work?
Materials are completely dependent on which kind of work I am doing and change with each one. I will sum up the basics below.

Traditional Embroidery: Basic wood hoop, Kona cotton fabric, DMC embroidery floss, embroidery needles.
Yarn Embroidery: Quilting hoop, loose weave linen, wool yarns of various weights and heavy tapestry needles – both blunt and pointed.
Punch Needle: – Dick Blick stretcher bars or a quilting hoop, Monks Cloth, wool rug yarn, Oxford Punch Needle.
Spinning Art Yarn: Spinolution Echo Wheel, Louet drum carder, various pre-dyed raw wool, thread for plying.

Do you teach fiber arts?
In person fiber arts classes are currently on my list of things to do. If this happens, they will be held at Mainframe Studios, Des Moines, Iowa. HOPEFULLY BY SPRING 2022. Keep checking back.


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