Draw­ing fig­ures is my favorite. I am sure peo­ple won­der why I am always draw­ing ladies…well, as a woman I feel like I con­nect with and under­stand women. I get us. We are all so dif­fer­ent, yet very sim­i­lar. I also enjoy how organ­ic and shape­ly we are. 

Why sil­hou­ettes now? My pre­vi­ous body of work, the real­i­ty series, was drawn in a more real­is­tic style and I enjoy work­ing that way. Draw­ing to cre­ate a like­ness is fun and chal­leng­ing, but I find that the focus of the piece tends to grav­i­tate toward a spe­cif­ic identity.

My goal is to remove iden­ti­ty so that the focus can be on the unspo­ken or feel­ing of the fig­ure. She could be any­one and she is every woman. For me, the sil­hou­ette sym­bol­izes that we are all the same on the out­side, the inside is what matters.

I also draw a lot of flow­ers and birds and but­ter­flies. That is what I like to draw and so — after ten years — that is what I want to draw and I under­stand that some peo­ple won’t like it and that is ok.

Hope you enjoy my work.

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