Drawing figures is my favorite. I am sure people wonder why I am always drawing ladies…well, as a woman I feel like I connect with and understand women. I get us. We are all so different, yet very similar. I also enjoy how organic and shapely we are.

Why silhouettes now? My previous body of work, the reality series, was drawn in a more realistic style and I enjoy working that way. Drawing to create a likeness is fun and challenging, but I find that the focus of the piece tends to gravitate toward a specific identity.

My goal is to remove identity so that the focus can be on the unspoken or feeling of the figure. She could be anyone and she is every woman. For me, the silhouette symbolizes that we are all the same on the outside, the inside is what matters.

I also draw a lot of flowers and birds and butterflies. That is what I like to draw and so – after ten years – that is what I want to draw and I understand that some people won’t like it and that is ok.

Hope you enjoy my work.

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