Branding: The Branderie

The Branderie

I meant to get this posted last week, but never seemed to find the time. This is the brand­ing pack­age that I cre­ated for my new busi­ness, The Bran­derie, which I hope will be open­ing April 15TH! The main goal for this brand­ing pack­age was to con­vey clean and pro­fes­sional design. The out­line sans-serif was chosen […]

Choose Happiness

Choose Happiness

When I decided to go to art school back in 2005, I had no idea where that deci­sion would lead. What I did know is that you only live once, and pass­ing up oppor­tu­ni­ties seemed silly when you think of life that way. It was clear that I wasn’t happy in my cor­po­rate job, so […]