Embroidery It Is

If you made it through my last post (which got a bit wind­ed), I had end­ed with the fact that I had tak­en a year off from fine art to build my design busi­ness. I final­ly returned to tra­di­tion­al art this Jan­u­ary, but my medi­um has changed. I was paint­ing, but my stu­dio sit­u­a­tion got […]

2017 The Year of Design

I have had quite a jour­ney lead­ing up to 2018. My friends and fam­i­ly have fol­lowed and sup­port­ed me through the crazy antics of an artist/entrepreneur. I owe my hus­band a great deal for encour­ag­ing me to do what I love. The road has been inter­est­ing, chal­leng­ing and I have learned a lot. This is […]

Hello Again

Yes, it has been quite a while and it has felt like that for me too. My art life has gone through some changes over the past year or so. 2016 was quite an eye open­er for me being on the art show cir­cuit and try­ing to make a liv­ing sell­ing art that is a […]